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Water System Tank Maintenance – Boil order lifted!

I just received news that the boil order for Oak Grove has been lifted by the State of Arkansas.  This process took much longer than anticipated due to weather and State regulatory issues but our town’s water system is now in much better shape because of it.  I appreciate everyone’s

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Water System Tank Maintenance – Update

I wanted to give everyone an update on our town’s water tank project.  The painting of the tank has been completed and we are told that due to the colder temperatures it will likely take approximately two weeks for the paint to fully cure.  Once the paint has cured and a followup

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Water System Tank Maintenance

I would like to announce that major maintenance on the town’s water tank will be taking place in the coming weeks.  Our town’s water tank will be repainted inside and out, this work is a result of the state required inspection that was done several months back.  This work is

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City Animal Ordinance

Recently there has been an increase in dog related complaints coming into our city office.  This coupled with a very recent dog attack at a nearby private residence has made it painfully obvious that people are not properly tending to their dogs within and around our community.  We have been

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