Cleanliness is EVERYONE’s duty to enhance Our Community’s Natural Beauty!

            As the days longer and everyone get busy this summer, the Mayor and Town Council would like to remind citizens of current ordinances that are in place for the health and safety of our town and its residents.  You can help make our Town beautiful again by ensuring that you are in compliance with the Oak Grove Town Ordinances.   A copy of all Ordinances and Resolutions can be found at Town Hall or at

Here is a list of most commonly violated Town Ordinances:

Ordinance #94-2016 – Regulations of Unsanitary Conditions, Nuisance Abatement and Property Maintenance

Ordinance #93-2016 – Prohibiting Animals Running at large

Ordinance #86-2011 – Regulating the keeping of Swine within City Limits

Ordinance #85-2011 – Regulating the keeping of Domestic Fowl within City Limits

Ordinance #73-2008 – Prohibiting Loitering

Ordinance #72-2008 – Establishing Curfew & Prohibiting Loitering of Minors

Ordinance #64-2003 – Prohibit Loud Noises within Town Limits

If you are found in violation of an ordinance, the property owner will be notified by certified letter. If the property owner neglects to take action to correct the violations, fines maybe issues by the Town of Oak Grove.  Failure to pay fines can result in a Lien being placed against your property.

If you have any questions regarding any this notice or any town ordinance or resolution, please call (870) 749-2785 or visit our website at

Keep our Community Clean, Put waste in its place!