Water System Tank Maintenance

I would like to announce that major maintenance on the town’s water tank will be taking place in the coming weeks.  Our town’s water tank will be repainted inside and out, this work is a result of the state required inspection that was done several months back.  This work is currently scheduled to begin on Thursday October 31st, this date could change due to weather conditions.  

A temporary water tank is being provided by the contractor to help maintain our town’s water availability while the work is being performed.  The capacity of this temporary tank will be considerably less than that of our town’s water tank. We ask that once this work is started all residences and businesses eliminate any unnecessary water usage until after the work is completed. 

We have been told that the job will likely take about two weeks to complete due to the painting and sandblasting processes.  A boil order will be in effect as required by the State of Arkansas during this time.   

Thank you,

Dwane Malotte
Mayor, Town of Oak Grove

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